How to find the right coworking space for your team

Coworking has become a buzzword these days. We cannot blame people falling for it . ‘Falling for it’ wouldn’t be the right word to use here , But at times people end up selecting the wrong coworking space which will leak their entire business modal . So we should be sure that we are selecting the right space which will boost our business/work.Here are some tips you can follow to make sure that you are selecting the right space for your business             

·   Nature of your Work You should be very clear on the nature of the work that would be done by your team . If your team does field work most of the time, then it wouldn’t make sense for getting a space for them to work on a longterm basis.In such cases, you should be using rented space on an adhoc basis. If you have an asset light business model or if you are an entrepreneur who wants to run a virtual office , then you shouldn’t have second thoughts on opting for coworking spaces.

  Initial research Do your initial fact finding in the city where you are planning to have a coworking space. Speak to known people, check advertisements, read reviews and make a short list of 10 coworking spaces in the city. Make a personal visit to shortlisted facilities to get a firsthand experience . Make sure you get the vibe of that place and see if it matches with that of your team .

  One of the major concerns for any businesses is cost involved in the investment . Make sure your investment will be a viable option .While cost is definitely a concern , benefits in moving to a coworking space should be also be in your mind . If the assumed benefits outweigh cost involved then you should give it a try. ·   

   Accessibility Accessibility is of supreme importance to any business . Your staff and clients should find the facility easy to reach and locate . It would be better if the facility is not on main road side to keep away from regular honking ,engine noises and all sorts of distractions from a busy street. ·    

    Amenities Be doubly sure about your space requirements in terms of number of workspaces,cabins, conference rooms etc . See if the facility can provide these . Amenities offered by the coworking space should be looked into with utmost detail. Conference rooms , seating capacity , Power backup ,Air conditioning, dedicated housekeeping staff etc should be weighed against your requirements and only if sufficient, the choice should be made. ·     

   Trial If there is an option for trying out for a day or two you should definitely opt that . Take your team to the facility and work from there for 2 days and see to yourself how comfortable the new space is . Last but not least , make sure your team likes the facility . Take their opinion on whether the new space will contribute to team building and optimum productivity .