Reasons to join a co working space

Reasons to join a co working space ‘Working from home’ used to be a mode of work which people yearned for  . Even at the start of pandemic days , it was so . But as time progressed people started to become aware of some inherent handicaps involved in this mode of work . Frequent distractions to work , unstable power back up etc are only some of the reasons why people have started to have reservations towards work from home. Here we list few reasons why we should opt for a coworking space instead of work from home setup. ·       

Improved Productivity at work: Like all are aware , uncalled disturbances at work will be routine in a typical work from home scenario . Most of such disturbances would be unavoidable and may require our presence. This issue will be resolved once and for all in a coworking space where working community meet only for a sole reason – to work. All your requirements outside work will be attended to by dedicated staff in such a space . This keeps your entire focus on work in hand which will naturally improve your productivity.   ·       

Set a work routine :   Thumb rule at home is often ‘nothing goes as per plan’ for many. It is understandable considering frequent distractions at home . In a coworking space you will be on your own and can afford to have a set routine for work . This will keep you focused and help to cross the items in your ‘to do’ list earnestly         

Community Life :   Man is a social animal and contributes optimally when he is part of a community .In a co-working space , you will find similar like-minded people who gels well with you and you can share your opinions in professional life . This will help you to network better and move ahead in your professional life . Coworking spaces will have common spaces where you can mingle as a community. Such facilities will also organize events to bring you closer as a community. ·  

Events :   Coworking facilities will organize professional development events, workshops etc which will be of interest to working community engaged with it. Such events would serve as a great platform to  improve your domain knowledge and network with like minded professionals   ·       

Conference rooms:   Fully connected and spacious conference rooms equipped to handle video conferencing , tele conferencing, video streaming etc. is a great advantage provided by coworking spaces. You can conduct your client conferences here and provide a first impression to the client which can bring you more business         

Amenities : Coworking spaces are highly flexible and provide all sorts of working amenities . A centralized work floor and dedicated work space can be taken for granted . Work spaces oftem come in a variety of packages like dedicated desk,hot desk, cabin space ,virtual office etc .There will be dedicated staff to handle any issues at work, be it technical or housekeeping.