Work - life balance


Work life balance “Home sweet home” , so they say . Unfortunately definitions of home has been infiltrated in large scale .Its no more a place to just enjoy , relax and spend time with family . Work has been pushing at borders of home and affecting the work life balance of many . With ‘work from home’ policies kicking in work got into home without any invitation. Its was all fun and frolickinitially .

But stress started to mount as demands of work and home started to pile up on people simultaneously . Distractions at work are unavoidable most of times and you learn to cope with it but not without unhealthy consequences.Such consequences may cascade into family issues , ill health, trouble with children etc ,not to mention the downsides at work like low quality deliverables, inability to meet deadlines, low or no networking to name a few. Inability to have a work life balance will slowly snowball into larger issues which would need much costlier fixes . You might end up spending more in hospitals than you earn at work.

Strained family relations can affect your children . Irony is that this issue is often ignored by many as work pressure .If not attended to on time, gradually, it will be built into normal routine of the person. Once its part of your routine, then you tend to take it for granted and dismiss any issue which affect your routine without much regard .

They say ,you are a slave of your habits . You fail to see the larger picture and miss the forest for the trees. Only when the damage is done, you will come to know about the root causes provided you are ready to reflect on yourself . But often true issues are sidelined and we prefer to walk through our routine instead of coming out of comfort zones. Bringing back your home in its true sense needs time and effort from your side. you may need to make some conscious decisions . You cannot be at home all the time thinking about your work .

Spending quality time with family needs to be your priority . But for that to become a priority , you should have some viable alternatives to choose from.Solutions are many .But optimal seems like opting for a coworking space where like minded working community comes together just for work purposes . At such coworking spaces, you can focus on your work without any distractions. It would be easily accessible from your home and you may treat it just like your office. Networking possibilities are opened up and your professional growth never stalls. Being part of a working community , you won’t miss your office. If you are in Calicut , be sure to check out Hymod . It offers high end coworking spaces at affordable rates.Be at peace in your home.